Kid Carpet & the Noisy Neighbours: A Show for Children and Families at Bristol Old Vic

Kid Carpet

Children and families can expect a lively and enchanting mix of theatre, comedy, animation and original live music when Kid Carpet and the Noisy Neighbours – one of many fantastic shows included in Mayfest 2015 – bursts onto the stage on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May at Bristol Old Vic.

Out Of The Egg Productions’ Kid carpet and the Noisy Neighbours is featured in this year’s Mayfest, Bristol’s unique annual festival of Contemporary theatre, which runs from 14th – 24th May. Mayfest is dedicated to presenting a broad range of unusual, playful and ambitious work from leading theatre makers from Bristol, the UK and beyond.

In this funny and moving performance especially created for children aged 6 years and over, Kid Carpet uses rock music, puppetry, projection and plenty of comedy to explore the horrors and excitement experienced by parents and children on their first day in a new house.

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained as Kid Carpet tackles some of the many questions families on the move find themselves asking: Will we ever get used to living in the new house? Are there really elephants, sharks and crocodiles living next door?

Is that a giant mosquito that’s going to suck out all our blood or a crazy man with a drill? Where has Dad mislaid the children this time? Have a gaggle of witches put a curse on our new house? And will we ever unpack these boxes?

Kid Carpet and the Noisy Neighbours
Out of the egg productions

Venue: Bristol Old Vic Studio
Time: Sat 16th May, 2pm & 4pm and Sun 17th May, 11am & 2pm
Price: £7/£5
Age Guidance: 6 +
Box Office: 0117 987 7877
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