Bristol Rocks! A Free Family Geology Day At Bristol Museum: Saturday 8th April

On Saturday 8th April there will be a free family geology takeover day at Bristol Museum called Bristol Rocks!

Children and families will be able to learn all about rocks, fossils and minerals and the amazing things they tell us about our planet!

The event is for all ages and there will be lots of fun things to see and do such as, games, dressing up, chatting with geologists and behind the scenes tours of the museum’s geology collection.

On the museum’s ground floor families will be able to meet scientists from the Royal College of Pathologists and find out how disease affects animals from ancient marine reptiles to modern-day mammals. Fluffy, the museum’s pliosaur skull will also be there!

The Environmental Records Centre (BRERC) will also be on hand discussing the work they do involving geology and how it is recorded in the Avon area.

The University of Bristol will be talking about The Bristol Dinosaur Project and other areas of their fossil research.

And, still on the ground floor but in the back hall you and your kids can enjoy  dressing up as a dinosaur!

In the Activities Room of the first floor of the museum, children and families can handle some real fossils or even bring in their own fossils for identification with the Bristol Dinosaur Society.

There will also be lots of Pliosaur craft activities for children to make and take home. They can make their own belemnite, a pliosaur’s favourite food, plus make a pliosaur bookmark or even a mini pliosaur!

On the first floor by the gypsy Caravan there will be Storytelling Dragon: Storytelling sessions with Cassandra Wye at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

The event will also include free 30-minute talks and tours which are suitable for children aged 7+ and their families.

There will be Geology Store Tour at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm where families can take a peek at some of the beautiful rock and fossil gems in museum’s geology stores.

There will also be free Biology Store Tours at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm where families can marvel at treasures from the natural world cared for in the biology stores.

To book a place on one or more of the tours please sign up and meet at the museum’s Welcome Desk.

Bristol Rocks! is a drop-in event and is running on a ‘pay what you think’ basis.

For details of more family-friendly events this weekend and throughout the Easter holidays please see the Bristol Mum What’s On page!