A Bristol Mum Review of Debutots: Interactive Story, Music & Drama Classes in Totterdown & Emerson’s Green

Today on Bristol Mum is a parent’s review of Debutots: interactive story, music and drama classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in Totterdown and Emerson’s Green.

Debutots classes are run by Geri Mckenna who has been formally trained in drama. Debutots aids children’s language development, ignites imagination, improves concentration and nurtures creativity.

Throughout the Summer there will be Debutots classes for two age groups taking place at Emerson’s Green on Tuesdays starting 25th July – 29th August.

Debutots Early Years Drama will take place at 10am – these classes are for 2 – 5 year olds.

Debutots Baby Story Play will take place at 11am and is for 6 months – 2 years.

For more info and to book contact Geri on 0117 325 7801, or geri@debutots.co.uk

The following review will give you with more information about Debutots from a parent’s perspective….

How old is your little one and how long have you been going to Debutots?

He is 4 (preschooler) and has been going to Debutots since  the class started in November 2016

What is his child’s favourite part of Debutots?

He really enjoys acting out the story and helping re-tell the story. He also has fun popping the bubbles and being a role model to the younger children.

Please tell me about some of your favourite sessions.

There are no favourite sessions I can pinpoint, as they are all fantastic. We love every session and we are always excited when we are on our way to Debutots.

What is a typical session like?

Geri introduces everyone, then we do some actions to a welcome song.  A short activity is then led by Geri. After that, we dance to music, before moving on to popping bubbles.

The main part of the session is next, whereby Geri introduces us to a story character (puppet) and she then tells a story, while we all listen. Geri captures the children’s attention and imagination. You can see them enjoying her storytelling.

The story is told for a second time, but this time it’s with the help of the children. It’s surprising how much of the story they remember, while they act out different characters, move around and say what happens next. The younger children ate helped by their parent.

After the story, it’s time to cool down, which is a chance to cuddle your child and relax for a couple of minutes while the music is playing. There is a well-earned biscuit and cold drink for the children after the class. There is a hot drink for adults.

Children have some free play with toys and books, which gives parents the opportunity to talk to each other. Time flies when you are having fun. The session is over and we look forward to the next one.

Is it a friendly class or did it take a while to get to know other parents and carers?

The sessions are very relaxed. There is no pressure for the children to behave or join in. Anything goes!

Geri is great at making everyone feel at ease. She interacts fantastically with all the children, regardless of their age. Everyone is friendly.

Geri introduces parents and children,  so that everyone gets to know everyone’s name straight away, rather than just being known as your child’s Mummy.

At the end of the session, there is a chance to chat to other parents, while having a cuppa.

What is Emerson’s Green Village Hall like? Is it a good space?

Emerson’s Green Village Hall is a nice, clean, airy venue. The room used for Debutots is just the right size and the facilities are good. There is a free carpark at the Hall.

In you opinion what are the best bits about Debutots?

The best bit for me, is seeing my son having lots of fun in a safe environment, while also learning. It gives me quality time with him, where we can enjoy each other’s company, with plenty of cuddles and smiles. We talk about the class on the way home and he continues to talk about it when his Daddy gets home from work. It’s enjoyable to have a hot drink at the end, while the children have a chance for some free play.

Debutots has helped  build my son’s confidence and imagination. Every term I ask him if he’d like to continue going to Debutots and he always says he definitely wants to carry on. It’s his favourite activity of the week.

It’s an extremely unique class. I’ve heard a few parents saying they’ve never been to a class like it before. It is true.

The class is suitable for all ages. Each child is stimulated, even though the ages vary from 6 months to 4. There is continued progress with all the children. They get used to the activities and interact more and more, week by week.

It’s a fantastic class and as the first class is a free taster session, it’s worth checking out the class first-hand.

My son loves Geri. We hope that there will be a Debutots class that he’ll be able to attend after school, once he starts school in September.


For more information about Debutots please visit the Debutots Facebook Page or contact Geri on 0117 325 7801 or geri@debutots.co.uk.