Paid Hosting & Guardianship Opportunities for Bristol Families with Gabbitas Education

Are you a caring family who might be interested in supporting an international student in your home during their time here at school in Bristol?

Gabbitas Education are currently looking for families who can provide hosting and guardianship for children and teenagers from overseas while they attend day and boarding schools in Bristol and across the country.

Families can be all shapes, sizes and ages, and they will be paid well for their hosting and guardianship services.

Plus, it can be a wonderful experience for all of the family!

In today’s post on Bristol Mum, Gabbitas Education’s Student Support Services and Guardianship Manager, Danielle Flood tells us more…

What is Gabbitas Education?

Gabbitas Education was established in 1873; we are one of the oldest and most respected education consultancies in the world and provide a comprehensive range of education services to schools, investors, educators, students and families in the UK and overseas.

With offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and a Russian language desk in our Central London headquarters, Gabbitas Education offers unique and tailored services in all aspects of British education worldwide.

We have three different parts to the company;

  • For Families and Students: we help with every aspect of a child’s education. This includes searching for the right school, university or summer school, advising on higher education and career choices, providing guardianship and host families, supplying private tutors and entry testing.
  • For Schools and Investors: we support new and existing schools around the world. This includes advising on new builds, delivering feasibility studies and helping with confidential ‘turnaround’ projects. We also provide recruitment services for senior leadership teams.
  • For Corporates and Businesses: we work closely with teams to deliver a seamless relocation package to support the education needs of clients and employees.

What kind of families are you looking for to provide hosting and guardianship for your students?

Caring families who like the idea of supporting an overseas student during their time here at school in the UK.

We have families of all ages – from young couples without children, right the way to retired couples with grown up children. We do not discriminate – there is no “right” family in regard to age, race, family makeup etc.

We want the right families who will care for our student and help them become a part of their family.

What is the difference between guardianship and hosting?

Guardianship is for students attending a boarding school, and therefore only needing to stay with a family a few times per term.

Hosting is for those students attending a day school and therefore require a family to live with permanently.

What role and tasks are families required to carry out? 

It often depends on what parents request, some would like their guardian family to attend parents meetings, any major school events etc.

Other parents purely just want a nice family for their child to go to. We would always discuss parents’ expectations with our families to ensure that they were able and willing to meet these requests.

Where do your international students come from?

We have students from all over the world, a brief outline of some of the areas would be: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Korea, Middle East, Europe and UK.

How old are the students who need guardianship and host families?

Our guardianship student ages range from as young as 6 to as old as 19. The older students can often be a year ahead in age in comparison to their UK counterparts due to the timings of academic years in their own countries and their entry levels into UK schools.

The hosting students are always 16+ and only attend for their two-year A level course.

Which Bristol schools do the students attend?

We currently offer hosting services for QEH, and provide guardianship for Badminton, Clifton College plus others.

We also work in the surrounding areas of Bristol such as Bath, Taunton and surrounding countryside.

What will families gain from providing hosting and guardianship?

Our families come on board for different reasons, some love the opportunity for their young children to learn about other cultures, some have a history with overseas students and independent schools and some just like to have the experience.

We have families who have attended their ex-students university graduation, some who have visited them in their home country and some have even attended weddings of their old students!

When are families needed? 

For guardianship it is usually only for half-terms and any exeat weekends (some schools have two of these per term, usually Friday PM – Sunday PM).

There is the odd occasion where, due to flight availability, they may need to stay for a night at the end of term and a night at the start of term too.

For hosting, it is a daily commitment during term time – the student will return to the family home every evening after school and will stay for weekends and half terms. Most students travel home for the longer Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.

What reimbursement can families expect to receive?

Guardian families can expect to receive around £600 per term, however this does vary depending on how often the student stays.

Host families are likely to receive around £2300 per term. Gabbitas Education, as a professional company, ensure that our financial processes are in keeping with the HMRC guidance.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

We would ask anyone who has even a little bit of interest to be in touch, we are more than happy to talk things through – and you will never be “signed up” until you request to be!

We ask for an application form to be completed, then we request two references and DBS checks (police register) for anyone in the home over 16.

Gabbitas Education, or a representative, will then come and visit you in your home so that a report can be written to send to overseas parents – we try to provide something that almost makes them feel that they visited you themselves!

To find out more about hosting and guardianship opportunities at Gabbitas Education, please visit

You can also contact Gabbitas Educatiom directly by emailing or phoning 0207 734 0161.