Lilliput Concerts: Live Top Quality Classical Music for Babies, Children & Grown-Ups, too

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If you enjoy classical music but find it difficult to access live concerts due to having young children, then Lilliput Concerts will be the perfect solution.

Lilliput Concerts are held at Redland Park United Reformed Church on Saturdays once a month and are especially for families with babies, toddlers and older children too, and will be enjoyed by all in equal measures.

The concerts offer families a wide range of beautiful classical music from renowned professional musicians with national and international reputations.

Credit: Adele at superfunkypenguin photography

The music is of top quality, such as what you would expect if you were going to an evening concert for adults.

However the music is presented in a relaxed and child-friendly way so parents need not worry if their babies cry or toddlers move around.

The flexible environment also makes Lilliput Concerts accessible for children with additional needs, such as children with autism as they can move around the hall whenever they wish. Plus, the experienced musicians are accustomed to playing with some noise from the children.

Credit: Adele at superfunkypenguin photography

As well as the advantage of the relaxed baby and child-friendly environment, what is especially exciting is that children can meet the performers and have a try of mini versions of instruments!

Due to the wide range of professional musicians and styles of classical music offered at Lilliput Concerts, children can expect to try a range of interesting instruments, including world instruments such as sitar, mbira, digeridoo and duduk!

Credit: Adele at superfunkypenguin photography

Credit: Adele at superfunkypenguin photography

It can often be expensive for families to access professional classical music, especially if you’re new to it and unsure if your children will enjoy it.

However, Lilliput Concerts are accessible to all families, with a range of ticket options, allowing people from all walks of life to attend, whilst being able to value the immense skill and talent of the musicians who perform there.

At the end of a Lilliput Concert, should families be in need of refreshments, refreshments are available to buy including tea, freshly ground strong coffee (the good stuff!), plus excellent cakes from the Nick Holder Bakery.

Credit: Adele at superfunkypenguin photography

Since its launch, Lilliput Concerts has been a great success with local families and has become firmly established in Bristol.

Lilliput Concerts are also being brought in to provide some baby and toddler-friendly shows at Bristol’s Colston Hall next Summer!

The next season of Lilliput Concerts is set to be exciting as will feature instruments not yet showcased at concerts.

All families are welcome along!

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