Little Jurassic Explorers at Bristol Museum: free dinosaur fun for under-5s!

If your little one likes dinosaurs then Little Jurassic Explorers will be of interest!

Little Jurassic Explorers are weekly sessions for under-5s at Bristol Museum with lots of dinosaur-related stories and activities to enjoy.

The sessions have been created to complement the museum’s interactive exhibition, Pliosaurus! which features a real-life 8-metre long pliosaurus named Doris whose fossil is one of the world’s most complete.

The drop-in sessions take place in term-time on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10.30am – 12.30pm and run on a ‘pay what you think’ basis.

Little Jurassic Explorers includes the following dinosaur fun:

  • Underwater story time – relax in Doris the pliosaur’s underwater world and listen to stories of marine creatures and dinosaur pals.
  • Doctor Doris: Doris has something wrong with her and needs your help. Dress up as a doctor, bandage her sore flipper and listen to her heartbeat with a stethoscope.
  • Dino-playtime: bring your favourite dinosaurs along to meet Doris. Play with dinosaur mini worlds, toy dinosaurs and jigsaws.
  • Dentist Doris: Doris has a sore mouth. Get close up and examine her massive jaws using dentist mirrors, magnifying glasses and a giant toothbrush.
  • Underwater explorer: put on your goggles and armbands, pick up your torch and magnifying glass, it’s time to go swimming with Doris.

Little Jurassic Explorers sessions start on Tuesday 9th / Wednesday 10th January. You can find out more here.

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