Dynamically Awesome: exciting & unique team-building parties for kids

Today on Bristol Mum I am really pleased to introduce readers to Dynamically Awesome, exciting and unique team-building parties for children aged 6 – 12.

At a Dynamically Awesome birthday party, children are taken on a fantastic adventure where they are faced with a series of exciting challenges for which they must work as a team!

Such challenges include conquering a giant labyrinth, crossing a raging river, constructing a self-supporting cube, or even assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle without hands!

For each challenge children successfully complete, a key is obtained. At the end of the adventure, the birthday child, plus one other, get to utilise all the keys they have earned to unlock a treasure chest that parents/carers have filled with goodies (chocolate coins are always a favourite)!

But, if children fail to receive all the keys, they are given to the group anyway at the end – but that’s a secret!

At the end of the party each child is awarded a customised certificate to take home.

Dynamically Awesome birthday parties are not only brilliantly fun, but the activities are also educational and encourage essential team-building skills such as communication, trust and respect.

Dynamically Awesome parties are hassle-free so once you have decided on the time and place you would like the party to take place,  the Dynamically Awesome team organise everything for you!

Parties usually last around 60 minutes so your child and their guests can get fully immersed in the challenges, however, the Dynamically Awesome team can work around your requirements too.

The team can also accommodate up to 30 children at a party. Parties cost £90 for a maximum of 20 guests and additional children are £2 per head.

All team members are DBS checked and highly-trained in paediatric first aid.

And, Dynamically Awesome not only offer children’s birthday parties but also offer children’s entertainment at weddings and other events!

If you are interested in arranging a Dynamically Awesome party and have any questions please call the team on 07444 530 206 or email booking@dynamically-awesome.co.uk.

For more information about Dynamically Awesome parties, please visit http://dynamically-awesome.co.uk/.