Rock Painting at Weston Library: Friday 3rd January

Rock Painting: Weston Library
When: Friday 3rd January, 1.30-3.30pm
Where: Weston Library, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, W-S-M, BS23 1UJ
Cost: Free entry to the library, £2 per rock
Booking required: To reserve a place call Weston Library Tel. 01934 426 010

An all-weather, fun, family event painting kindness rocks with positive words and uplifting images. All art supplies provided.

Age 4+ (children must be accompanied by an adult). Please wear suitable clothing and bring a container to help carry your new masterpiece’s home after.

Weston Super Rocks is a kindness project with the aim of making someone’s day a little brighter and bringing the community together by spreading random acts of kindness around Weston, one rock at a time.

Once you finish painting your rock, you will write some simple instructions on the back, telling the finder to post a photo to the Facebook group ‘Weston Super Rocks’ once it’s found. Then, you can go and hide your creations for others to find!

Popular hiding spots include the seafront, parks, playgrounds, cafes and family-friendly hiking trails.