Introducing Dynamic Play’s ‘Selfie Birthday Parties’ For Children

I a really pleased to introduce Dynamic Play’s new birthday party concept to Bristol parents… Selfie Birthday Parties!

If your child loves taking selfies, a selfie birthday party will be great fun, plus give your child and their friends the the opportunity to get creative.

What’s more, after the party each child will get an individual selfie t-shirt to take home, and the birthday child will be given a USB stick containing all the images snapped by their friends at the party!

The Dynamic Play team – who also offer LEGO parties – offer an amazing party plan. Each child will be given an individual tablet to design their selfie, using dozens of great Emoji props to pose with or even wear.

Then, using specialist photo editing apps, the kids can enjoy choosing from a wide range of filters and effects to create the perfect selfie!

Once children have finished creating their selfies, Dynamic Play’s heat press machine will print each child’s design onto individual t-shirts which can be worn minutes after!

Selfie birthday parties are 90 minutes long and cost £120 for a maximum of 10 children.

Of course, privacy is important so Dynamic Play obtain permission from all guests before the party and always delete all photos on their system after each party so there’s no worries there.

To book a selfie party or simply find out more, please visit the Dynamic Play website and complete the online form: 

Or, you can contact the Dynamic Play team by calling 07979552256 or emailing

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post*