BS9 Halloween Window Wanderland: free fun for kids

While trick or treating is not permitted on Halloween this year, a wonderful covid-safe alternative event is being organised in BS9.

A Halloween Window Wanderland is being planned and all are welcome to join in the spooky fun!

The BS9 community are invited to decorate their windows, houses or gardens, with bright and colourful designs such as witches, pumpkins or black cats!

Designs for alternative festivals to Halloween are welcome too, be it Divali, Day of the Dead or fireworks, or even simply marking the changing seasons by brightening the dark nights with a colourful display!

Children and grown-ups can take a walk around the area on the night of Halloween, dressing up if they wish, spotting the designs and enjoying the spooky atmosphere!

The idea was launched to the BS9 community just a couple of days ago and already there has been more than 60 sign-ups.

If you would also like to join in the fun please email, giving your address and you will be added to the map.

To find out more about this event please click here.