Coming Back To Yourself: A Postnatal Alexander Technique Course

Do you struggle to find a comfortable position to feed your baby?
Do you get pain when pushing your buggy for too long?
Are you suffering with back pain?
Are you struggling to cope with the lack of sleep since becoming a Mum?

On this course you will learn to look after yourself while looking after a baby. Covering different topics each week, we’ll discuss activities and situations that you may have found difficult since having a baby.

Using these practical examples, you’ll be given ideas to help you use your body with more connection and ease. Thus managing pain and fatigue. There will be an element of gentle hands on work in each class. This is a supportive and nurturing environment. A time for Mum to give something to herself.

The course is 6 weeks long and each class is 1.5 hours. The classes will include discussion, activity, rest and cake! Babies are welcome to play, feed or sleep throughout the class. Whatever works for you on the day.

Toys, fruit, cake, tea, coffee and water will be provided. Babies welcome from newborn to pre-walking.

The course is run by Nikki Brin, an MSTAT qualified Alexander Technique teacher and mother of a toddler. She decided to create the course after becoming a Mum, and severely injuring her back. She found that there wasn’t anyone helping parents think about how they are using their bodies while carrying out specific tasks such as feeding or lifting their baby. These seem like simple activities but if often repeated without thought they can lead to a lot of discomfort and pain.