Debutots: Story, Music & Drama


Debutots is a blend of interactive storytelling, music and dramatic play sessions for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers on Tuesdays in Totterdown. It also runs on the third Saturday of every month at The Milk Shed in Bedminster.

Classes introduce young children to a magical world of wonderful characters and beautiful music and also improves communication, language and listening skills, and boosts confidence.

The sessions are run by Geri McKenna who has been formally trained in drama.

In a Debutots session children speak, listen, imagine, observe and do! They also have lots and lots of fun!

Sessions stimulate language development, ignite imagination and improve concentration and nurture creativity so that each child can participate in their own way, becoming more confident in themselves and working with others.

Sessions include coffee and chat time giving parents and carers the chance to meet others, plus arm parents and carers with ideas to explore stories imaginatively with their children at home too.

Debutots Classes in Totterdown:

There are regular Debutots Family Story Play sessions in term-time at The Saltcellar, Totterdown Baptist Church on Tuesdays at 10.35am for ages 6 months – 4 years.


To find out more about Debutots and organise a free Debutots taster session for your little one, please contact Geri via phone – 0117 325 7801, or email –, and also through Facebook – @DebutotsBristol

You can also find out more about Debutots at