Cast your Pregnant Bump: The Little Casting Company

The Little Casting Company is a unique local brand offering pregnant mums the chance to have a plaster cast made of their baby bump to treasure forever.

Casting can be done in the comfort of your own home. Once your cast is complete you can choose to have your cast decorated as you wish and in a colour of your choice.

The Little Casting Company have a range of styles and are always open to suggestions from customers.

It is recommended that you have your bump casted from approximately 33 weeks to achieve the best results.

Prices start at £40 which includes your cast being made, designed and completed. There are also casting kits available to purchase at £25.

The Little Casting Company has been set up by local mum and artist, Elisha Greenslade.

To arrange to have a cast made or for more information, please email or phone 07593161744.

You can also find out more via The Little Casting Company Facebook page.