Liz Heckford Baby Massage Sessions, Cotham

Liz Heckford Baby Massage Sessions: Cotham Parish Church NEW!
When: Starts Friday 23rd April, 10.15-11.15am
Where: Cotham Parish Church, Cotham Road, BS6 6DR
Cost: £50 for full course (5 sessions)
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Five baby massage sessions with Liz Heckford, qualified health visitor and baby massage practitioner.

Session 1 – Introduction to Baby Massage – Baby Massage Sequence – When is a good time massage my baby?
Session 2 – Benefits to Baby Massage – Baby Massage Sequence – Why do we sing?
Session 3 – Baby Massage Sequence – The benefits of Tummy Time
Session 4 – Baby Massage Sequence – What do you do to relax?
Session 5 – Baby Massage Sequence – Other activities/Support

For more information please contact Liz on 07811403580 /