‘Managing Anger, Meltdowns and Aggression in Childhood’ Parenting Workshop: Saturday 9th March

Managing Anger, Meltdowns and Aggression in Childhood is a workshop for parents/carers of children aged 5-12 years being held on Saturday 9th March with Catherine Coulter from Bristol Child Parent Support.

Anger and conflict are all part of family life. Anger is not a negative emotion but we sometimes find it difficult to manage it in ourselves and our children.

Do you have a child :

– Who may seem out of control, they may well yell, kick, and hit you during these times
– Who sometimes has embarrassing public meltdowns and you are at a loss to know what to do?
– Who is having constant meltdowns and it’s wearing you and everyone else down.
– Whose “behaviour ” gets in between you and your partner and prevents you parenting consistently.

In a small and intimate space (no more than 9 attendees), this workshop will cover :

-Triggers, why your child may be angry, have meltdowns, be aggressive
– Learn some basic neuroscience, “fight and flight” response and the role of your child’s amygdala and why this may impact on the behaviour.
– Understand how to respond with brain-based parenting in order to manage the different types of anger so everyone can  “cool down”.
– Respond to it without blame or shaming you/r child, start to learn some strategies which nurture confidence and connection.
– Alternative ways of managing “hot states”  and helping your children to learn self-control and help them to emotionally regulate?

Payment is in advance and there are no refunds but tickets can be transferred to another party anytime. There are no creche facilities -this workshop is for parents only. Handouts will be included and refreshments provided.

  • Date: Saturday 9th March
  • Time: 9.45am-12.30pm
  • Cost: £50 ( 9.45am-12.30) Payment in full secures your place.
  • Where: Muller House BS7 ( Ashley Down)
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