Positive Discipline Strategies, Bristol Child Parent Support Workshop: Saturday 10th November

Positive Discipline Strategies Workshop

  • Organiser: Catherine Coulter from Bristol Child Parent Support
  • Date: Saturday 10th November
  • Time: 10am-12pm
  • Cost: £35
  • Location, Muller House, Ashley Down, BS7

Is love in your family becoming a battlefield, are you finding it increasingly difficult finding strategies for positive discipline?

New research published in the Independent reported that parents argue at least 49 minutes a day, the average spat is 8 minutes. Researchers who surveyed 2,000 parents of children aged two to 12 revealed many find themselves falling out with their offspring about what they want to do, eat or drink on a daily basis.

It notes that “Parents will ‘win’ just over half of the rows, as six in ten mums and dads admitted they often end up compromising to keep the peace.

So let’s prevent the conflict, arguing, the nagging and learn some Positive Discipline Strategies for a “win-win” for everyone.

During this Positive Discipline workshop, you will:
Use parental attention and presence, how to use Play and Praise and empathy effectively.
Learn Active Listening
Focus on setting boundaries without using threats.
How to implement effective family rules/meetings
Understand your child’s brain and some simple neuroscience and normal child development
Reduce permissive or over controlling parenting styles
Be an emotion coach for your child.

Emotion coaching is about helping children to become aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings particularly during instances of ‘misbehavior.’

There will be several fun exercises and an opportunity to practice effective house/family rules. Please note this is a workshop in a group setting and not the same as bespoke consultation.

No more than 10 people will attend, everyone present can ask questions and share in a small and intimate setting.

No notes need to be taken, a powerpoint handout of the presentation will be provided with some key handouts.

The workshop draws upon Catherine Coulter’s 30 years in the NHS as a licensed practitioner working over 18 years in inpatient and outpatient settings (CAMHS) working with children, families, and parents with complex emotional and behavioral difficulties.

For more information please visit https://bristolchildparentsupport.co.uk/event/positive-discipline-strategies-workshop/