Grimsbury Farm: Fun, Free and Family Friendly!

Grimsbury goats touching

This Summer my family and I discovered the fantastic Grimsbury Farm. If you are looking for somewhere free, family friendly and with all the space and fresh air that the countryside offers but without having to venture that far, then Grimsbury Farm is a must!

Situated in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, Grimsbury Farm is a community Farm which houses an array of farm animals…

Grimsbury pigs

Grimsbury horse

Grimsbury hens

Grimsbury calf

The animals are very tame so kids can get close to them and touch them.

Grimsbury goat meet

Grimsbury baby goats

We had brought a picnic so walked to the farm’s picnic area. How beautiful is this?

Grimsbury picnic

There is a cafe area; again this is very clean. However, when my husband took the kids there for a second trip there the cafe was closed because they did not have any volunteers that day. This is not a criticism, I just want to make the point that volunteers are valuable and needed at this farm.

There is a vast amount of green space at Grimsbury Farm and some fantastic views.

Grimsbury view

Refreshments are cheap as chips! 75p for a cup of tea and 30p for a drink of squash; well, you can’t get better value than that.

There is also a fantastic play park. My kids spent ages playing there while my husband and I sipped our tea and relaxed in the sunshine watching them.

Grimsbury bucket

Grimsbury train

Grimsbury climb

Grimsbury Farm is safe, clean, there was not a trace of litter, the animals are obviously well-looked after and there didn’t seem to be any of the vandalism that sometimes plagues city farms. It is altogether a great day out.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit Grimsbury Farm with your kids!













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