Billy Smart’s Circus Comes to Bristol!

Last weekend began with a bang when my family and I went to see the fantastic Billy Smart’s Circus.

Circus 042

Billy Smart’s Circus is running on Durdham Downs, Bristol until Sunday 13th October.

I was excited to take my children for their first ever taste of the circus and neither myself or my children were disappointed. This was a thoroughly family friendly performance, nice and gentle and not too scary. However, it oozed entertainment value and kept us thoroughly entertained throughout.

Circus 004

Billy Smart’s Circus brings a real mix of entertaining acts from all over the world. There was acrobatics, juggling, trapeze artists, dance, theatre, music and comedy, too; indeed something for everyone.

Circus 055

There were The Flying Aces, confident, strong and impressive Trapeze artists and The Cretzu Troupe who astounded the audience with their springboard acrobatics. There was Eddy Carello, the impressive juggler, Josie, a silks expert and Caroline, the swinging trapeze artist and more.

Circus 047

My little boy had been nervous about clowns prior to Billy Smart’s Circus; I understand this, I think clowns can be quite scary, too! Luckily, Angelo the Clown, was far from scary and kept both my kids giggling.

Circus clown

Another favourite with my kids was Alex the Fireman, who succeeded not only in impressing us with his acrobatics but with making us laugh helplessly with his hapless attempts to put a fire out…

Circus 035

My personal favourite was Desiree, who dazzled us with her grace and strength, balancing her full weight on her arms (and at times just one arm), finishing with using her feet to successfully use a bow and arrow to shoot a balloon while standing on her hands!

Circus 050 desiree 1

Circus 051 desiree 2

Not only were there a variety of acts and stunts, but everything was evenly spaced out and there was not too much of any one thing. Importantly, were no animals used in any of the acts making it a thoroughly 21st Century circus.

Don’t miss out on Billy Smart’s Circus while it is in Bristol. It is thoroughly entertaining and great for all ages. Prepare to be dazzled!

If you would like to buy tickets for Billy Smart’s Circus, please phone 0844 4155 228 or visit the Billy Smart’s Circus website.

Disclosure: Billy Smart’s Circus kindly gifted myself and my family free tickets in exchange for my writing a review. However, my views are my own and we really did love Billy Smart’s Circus!

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