A Spring Walk at Ashton Court Estate

If you and your kids fancy getting out into the fresh air and enjoying some beautiful countryside, then Ashton Court Estate is a must.

Ashton Court Estate boasts 850 acres woodlands and grasslands and is free admission. There is also a woodland garden, play area and picnic area. It is open from 8am all year round and aside from a £1 parking fee per day, Ashton Court Estate is completely free.


I decided to head out there with my children to enjoy one of the first warm Spring days of the year.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the top of a hill next to a fallen tree.


Of course, after a quick lunch, my little boy was eager to tackle some tree climbing and balancing, and very pleased he was with his efforts.



Ashton Court Mansion is also the scene for many family activities throughout the year, such as the Balloon Fiesta and the Kite Festival. Please keep an eye on the Bristol Mum Events Calendar for such activities.

It was the perfect way to spend a Spring day.

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