Babes@Zion: A Breastfeeding Support Group in Bedminster Down, Bristol


If you are a Bristol mum looking for breastfeeding support in or near Bedminster Down, then Babes@Zion may be of interest to you.

Babes@Zion is a breastfeeding support group which runs every Friday from 1 – 3pm at Zion Community Art Space on Bishopsworth Road, Bedminster Down. It offers Bristol mums peer support and a chance to share stories and advice about breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, baby led weaning. There is also a Breastfeeding Counselor at every meeting.

Mums are invited to bring someone with them, whether it be a friend, husband, partner or family member. Older babies are also welcomed at Zion and there is a soft play area and toys for them to play with. There is a cafe at Zion for mums and other visitors if they fancy a cup of tea and slice of cake.


One Bristol Mum reader shares her personal experiences of Babes@Zion:

“Babes@Zion is a lovely group, and I think quite unusual as they welcome toddlers and older children as well as babies. There is a play area at Zion for them, and a nice outdoor space. I went there to meet people because I moved to the area just before having second my baby, but there is a mixture of people who go, some for advise and others to socialise.

There is a very friendly, knowledgable breastfeeding councillor there every week, and two or three peer supporters. There is a lot of support there for breastfeeding older babies and toddlers, and baby led weaning. Zion is worth a visit itself (they have also have activities for pre-school children on Tuesday and Thursday mornings).”

If you would like more information about Babes @ Zion, please email

Alternatively, you can find more information about Babes@Zion on the Zion website or you can go to the Babes@Zion facebook page.