Amazing Autumn Crafts for Kids


Autumn is a wonderful season to enjoy with your kids and get creative. Today the lovely Sue Hammond from The Creation Station in Frampton Cotterell kindly shares her Amazing Autumn Crafts ideas with you so you can enjoy getting creative with your kids.

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I love this theme which we do in my Little Explorers Class. The children love using the natural objects to create their masterpieces. They enjoy exploring and playing with the object, which is where the learning and development are focused. Who cares what they make as long as they have fun!

Painting with Nature


I took my boys for a walk in the woods, but you can also go to a park or a nature reserve. We talked about the colours in the trees, seeds in the ground, the different shapes of the leaves. We also looked at the other plants around us and also the smells!

Having collected a lot of leaves, sticks, teasels, grasses and seeds, we made a huge pile of leaves…and then kicked the leaves, threw them in the air, even at each other! Brilliant fun.

Leave the sticks, conkers, leaves and goodies that you have collected to dry a little before getting creative.

I’ve used black paper, but any colour works. talk to your little one about the colours you saw on your walk and use the same colour paint. If you are brave enough, they can help squeeze the colour into the paint pots. If you don’t have a fancy paint palette, just use an empty egg carton, old plate, muffin tin or an empty cereal box opened up, then just squeeze the paint directly on the card.

Then let the fun begin…


Bring out one thing at a time, let them think about all the different ways they can paint with it, it’s amazing the ways that children find.

If you collected conkers you can put them in a shoe box with paper in the bottom. Add a few drops of different coloured paint and shake…putting the lid on is a good idea but it is also nice to see what the conkers and paint are up to.


We stuck our favourite painting to a piece of colourful card and added Autumn coloured feathers, tissue paper and sequins. Some children wrote their name in the paint with a stick too.


Simple but very effective Autumn Trees


This is the perfect craft for home; simple with no mess and great for developing fine motor skills. Every child loves using scissors, so check out my facebook page for information on how to set up a cutting station.

For this, all you need is a large piece of paper, scissors, coloured bits of card/foam and a child’s arm!

Talk about the colours of the leaves and together collect bits of card and paper in these colours. I’ve used foam as I had it to hand but you can use paint sample cards from your local DIY store, magazines, odd bits of paper and in fact, anything to hand.


Start drawing around your little ones arm, you can do this on brown paper and then stick it to the white or colour it in after. This is your tree.

Now let your child cut up the bits of coloured card/paper. These don’t have to be perfect rectangles or all the same size; remember there are lots of different shaped leaves so anything goes.


You can let them fall on to your tree and stick them where they land. Or gather them together in a pile and arrange them later. You can put a few on the ground, as fallen leaves, just let your children’s imaginations take over (if you can get them to put the scissors down!).

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