A First Ice Skating Experience for my Kids at Swindon Ice Arena

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Last weekend we decided to do something a little different and opted to take the kids ice skating! My kids had never been ice skating before. My son was nervous about going but my daughter was super excited.

We travelled to Swindon Ice Arena for our first ice skating experience which is a 25 metre ice rink at the Link Leisure Centre. It was £25 for a family ticket which included myself, my husband and my two kids.

Because it was the first time my kids had been ice skating and because they are both still little, we decided to hire a “penguin” for each of them, which helps kids to balance and stay upright and safe.

It was very busy at the ice rink but it was mainly other families and children there so it wasn’t too manic. There also weren’t too many of the teenage racer ice skater types who delight in skidding sharply to a halt and spray ice everywhere.

Despite my son’s nerves, he bravely set out, determined to balance without holding his penguin (I think he felt that penguins were a bit “babyish”). The penguins were good though, and kept the kids upright. However, because the ice rink was so busy and because there are limited penguins, you can only hire them for half-hour periods.

I managed not to fall but did have a slight injury when a boy behind me fell on his bottom and hit me with his ice skate as he went down and I am therefore currently sporting a shiner on my right calf. Both my kids went down a couple of times but we got them up quickly and encouraged them to keep going and not be put off.

My daughter got tired quite quickly, ice skating is hard work for little legs!

Following ice skating, our kids were tired and hungry and in dire need to be fed and watered so we took them to the pub next door to the ice rink for some tea. I have to say, we won’t be going there again; it wasn’t the best place to take kids as there weren’t many families there and the people on the next two tables from us had a loud row about something and introduced my kids to language that I wasn’t exactly in a rush for them to hear at this young age.

Despite this, we had a great ice skating trip, and we will definitely be going again!

I think that not only does ice skating provide great exercise, but is also great for building children’s confidence and pushing boundaries; my little boy talked about our trip for several days afterwards and he felt proud of himself that he had been so brave.

Hooray for ice skating!

Swindon Ice Arena,
Link Leisure Centre,
Whitehill Way,

Tel. 01793 877 323