Help keep ducks healthy: Free quack snack pouches and activity guides from the Canal & River Trust

Ducks 2

Feeding the ducks is a fun activity for children and one which my own children always enjoy.

But did you know that the 6 million loaves of bread thrown into rivers and canals every year can actually be harmful for ducks and their habitat? I didn’t.

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According to the Canal and River Trust, throwing bread into rivers and canals can actually cause overcrowding of bird populations, because the birds will flock to the same place in search of this starchy treat.

And, too many ducks or waterfowl in one area can cause stress to the birds and cause their habitats being damaged. It also creates lots and lots of bird poo, which can impair water quality and create harmful algae which can clog the waterway, as well as being smelly and slippery underfoot.

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This year, the Canal and River Trust are encouraging people to feed our ducks healthier snacks:

“Bread’s not great for a duck’s health as it’s nothing like their natural diet so don’t feed them with large quantities of it. Try to vary what you give them and swap it for healthier more natural treats like oats, corn, or defrosted frozen peas. And exercise portion control!”

To help people do this, the Canal and River Trust are giving away some special FREE quack snacks pouches for you to store your healthy duck food snacks in, plus duck-themed activity guides.

To receive yours, click here.

Happy duck feeding!