Crossways Pre-School, Mangotsfield: A Bristol Mum Review

Today Bristol Mum features a review by local parent, Catherine Lombardo, of Crossways Pre-school in Mangotsfield, Bristol. 


My youngest son (aged four) attends Crossways Pre-school in Mangotsfield for three days each week. This pre-school offers morning (9.30am-12pm), afternoon (12-2.30pm) or all day (9.30am-2.30pm) sessions from Monday to Friday.

There are usually about 25 children in his sessions. Crossways is in a shared building and the children have access to a large room with a small, outdoor area. Parents donate fruit and breadsticks for morning snack time and provide packed lunches for afternoon and all day sessions.

I believe that the cost of a session is approximately £10 – my son’s sessions are covered by the grant now, so I have not paid for sessions recently – and Crossways asks for a termly donation (50p x the number of weeks in a term) to cover craft/cooking materials.

My main reasons for choosing Crossways are that the pre-school sessions are run in a similar way to Reception classes at school; the room is set up like a classroom; members of staff teach the children academic material through play (all nurseries and pre-schools should do so but some do not); members of staff encourage reluctant children to participate in activities (again, this should happen everywhere but does not); and members of staff have worked there for a long time (a high turnover of staff can indicate or lead to other problems).

My son’s favourite parts of pre-school are snack time, lunch, physical time (I think the children dance to a CD from his description) and grabbing every hat for himself! He adores the staff and they seem genuinely fond of him.

I would –and do – recommend Crossways Pre-school to prospective parents!

*This is the personal opinion of the author and has not been endorsed by Crossways Pre-school.