Little Badgers Forest School: A Bristol Mum Review


Today on Bristol Mum is a review of Little Badgers Forest School, a forest school group for young children aged 1 – 4 years and their parents/carers.

The group offers weekly woodland adventures in Badock’s Wood in Henleaze on Wednesdays and in Wraxall Piece, near Leigh Woods on Thursdays.  

I hope you enjoy reading this review.

Badgers 1

Little Badger’s Forest School is a magical group where we enjoy a variety of activities in the woodland. Whether it’s a frosty day with a dusting of snow, a sunny day with the sunlight glistening through the trees or a rainy day with the raindrops pouring down the tree bark, there is always much fun to be had in the woodland!

The sessions at Wraxall Piece start with Badger telling us something that is puzzling him or exciting him in the woodland. This leads onto Jenny, who runs Little Badgers, suggesting an activity that the children might like to do.

Badgers 2
Then we make our way to base camp by finding badger’s friends that are hiding in the wood. At base camp we can choose to do the activity that Badger/Jenny has suggested or we can do whatever we like that inspires us about the woodland on that day.

This year we have enjoyed a huge array of fun tasks, these have included making popcorn birdfeeders, cooking garlic bread over the fire, making plaster of paris leaf moulds, constructing musical shakers with twigs and beads, dancing around with swirly ribbons, painting mud on the trees, making ‘pressed flower’ father’s day cards, climbing trees and hiding in dens.


Badgers 3

Towards the end of the session we have a snack, sing songs and share what we’ve enjoyed about exploring the forest.

There is always a surprise for me during these sessions because every week the woodland changes and there seems to be something else in the forest that amazes my daughter… in the spring it might be the bluebells or moss and in the autumn it might be the crispy, crunchy leaves.


Whatever the weather, it’s a great opportunity to be out and about in the fresh air, enjoying the company of like-minded parents and excited little people!

If you would like to find out more about Little Badgers, please visit the Badgers Forest School website: