Deliveroo: high quality restaurant food delivered to your doorstep


One of the great things about writing and blogging on Bristol Mum is the occasional great review offer which comes my way. One such offer was being contacted by Deliveroo last week to ask if I would like a free delivery of restaurant food to my doorstep in return for a review on Bristol Mum. Yes please, I emailed back!

My little girl’s 5th birthday was that coming weekend and we had my parents and sister joining us for a special birthday tea. We had a very busy day planned with several things to do that afternoon and I had been wondering how I could fit in making a nice meal with the short amount of time I had so the offer of a Deliveroo review came just at the right time.

You can order food through Deliveroo at any time up to 24 hours before you want it delivered so I placed my order the night before. It is quick and easy to place an order. First, you visit the Deliveroo website and enter your postcode in the box provided and then click on ‘FIND FOOD’.

You will then see a list of all the restaurants from which you can order food from and the type of food provided. E.g. CAU Bristol offers Argentinian food and Carluccio’s offers Italian. It also shows the distance from the restaurant to your home and the length of Delivery time it will take to receive your order. All the restaurants used by Deliveroo are of a high standard.

You can click on each restaurant link to see more about the restaurant and to view the full menu. As both my children love pizza, I opted for food from Planet Pizza on Gloucester Road. I decided on four different types of pizza with some dough balls too. This was done by simply clicking on each dish. You can amend your basket easily at any point by either adding more dishes or deleting dishes as you go.

Once you have decided on your order, you click on ‘CHECKOUT’. There is a £2.50 Deliveroo charge on top of your order.

Deliveroo 1

Deliveroo 2

The next evening our delicious pizza was delivered to our doorstep just at the right time by a Deliveroo delivery man who was polite and pleasant. Above are pictures of our food before we all sat down; it didn’t last long and made a great birthday tea!

If you would like to order restaurant food on Deliveroo or would like to see which Bristol restaurants are listed there, please visit