Children’s birthday party at The Reptile Zone, Filton: A Bristol Mum review

In today’s post, local mum Tina Louise reviews the Reptile Zone in Filton as a children’s birthday party venue on Bristol Mum after hiring it for her son’s 7th birthday party. 


After being nagged for six months I finally booked my son a reptile party at The Reptile Zone in Filton. I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

But I was not disappointed, my son, and the other six children were left speechless as Ali G the alligator was taken from his pool for a cuddle. Ali G was then left to roam around the shop!!

The staff leading the party Gine and Alesha were animated, and informative, answering any questions the children had. Highlights included holding a wide range of animals, from a 8 week old baby chameleon to Maraduke a bos lizard who loves cuddles.


The children also got taken to meet the other crocs, Tick Tock and Captain Hook, then got to go on the venomous snake tour, when again Alsesha was extremely informative.



Originally I booked the party for an hour, we left after just under two hours no extra charge. They also took several photos of the children holding Ali G, which they gave us at no extra charge.

My son said it was the best party ever and already wants me to book for next year. Parents commented that the staff were brilliant and kept the children and adults brilliantly entertained and planned to come back to see the animals again.

The party was £100 for an hour, for 7 children or 1.5 hours for £150, and extra children can be added at extra cost. We went to The Reptile Zone, but they can come to you also. There was no rush to leave, and we were there almost two hours.

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