Bristol Bespoke Independent Cleaning Company: Making life easier for busy parents

b2c0a7_82c8e730c9bd4d7e81f6aaec5614e74d Being a parent is hard work and having household cleaning to do on top of parenting only adds to the stress.

If you need some help with keeping your house or flat clean, either regularly or as a one-off clean, a small cleaning company called Bristol Bespoke Independent Cleaning Company exists to make things easier for parents.

Bristol Bespoke Independent Cleaning Company offers a range of cleaning services, including both house and carpet cleaning, oven cleans, moving in/out house cleaning, deep Spring cleaning, plus after party cleaning, also.

b2c0a7_0de541b399f944d9a16f5a2351ebdf2a The company has been operating for a few years now from the heart of Bristol and in that time has built up a core staff with a reliable and ethical ethos.

The company concentrates mainly on domestic cleans, whether it be studio flats or five bedroom detached houses and aims to meet the needs of the client in regards to the level and type of cleaning job required.

James Pollard, manager of Bristol Bespoke explains:

“As the name suggest we pride ourselves in being small enough and malleable enough to tailor our work to your specific needs and criterion where feasible. With a focus on attention to detail we take great pride in helping you create an environment where you can relax and be creative and not concern yourself with the tidy up!

b2c0a7_fcd2c8135dd8442ebe4490c302c19646Bristol Bespoke also has a wealth of experience in agency check outs for students and professionals alike and so it is put off tough clean up jobs with short notice in order to prepare for new tenants. Specialist services on request such as deep oven cleaning and after party cleaning and even eco-cleaning with enough notice can be tailored to parents needs.

Bristol Bespoke Independent Cleaning Company also prides itself on doing a great job each and every time. As James puts it: “We love to clean and it shows”.

To find out more about the cleaning services on offer at Bristol Bespoke Independent Cleaning Company, please visit or you can email James directly on

You can also call Bristol Bespoke directly for an appointment on 0742 4995613.