No Ifs No Buts No Library Cuts: The ‘Save Hanham Library’ campaign continues


Over 200 hundred people attended a ‘Love your Library’ day at Hanham Library on Saturday 5th March which was organised as part of the ‘Save Hanham Library‘ campaign.

The event was held in an effort to raise awareness of the proposed cuts by South Gloucestershire Council to the library services. Hanham Library, one of many in South Gloucestershire, faces a reduction in it’s opening hours to just two days a week, which campaigners believe will result in it’s inevitable closure.


The event was attended by over 200 people, which listened attentively to a passionate speech given by Mr Joe Unwin. He talked of the many groups and wide variety of people who attend the library, and of how Hanham regards it as the hub of it’s community. People were visibly moved , with cries of ‘Hear Hear’, when he explained how much it meant to him and his family to have this amazing space.

The afternoon was joyful, celebrating the library and it’s wonderful staff, with many children arriving in World Book Day costume. There was cake and tea available, together with face painting, balloons, playground games and even two tight rope walkers – one of whom read from the Great Gatsby whilst performing!

There are further events planned in the future, details of which can be found on the SAVE HANHAM LIBRARY Facebook page, but the campaigners wish to ask all members of their communities to contact their Councillors and tell them how much they need their libraries to stay open.

Until then, here’s the ‘Stop Library Cuts’ song,  written by Brian Iles from Hanham and sung by Black Sheep Harmony Choir. Enjoy!