The Bear Cub Bakers: A Delectable New Book For Young Children

I am really pleased to introduce Bristol Mum readers to The Bear Cub Bakers, a new book which invites young children to a bake-off, bear style!

The Bear Cub Bakers is a wonderful rhyming story aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers which draws on the growth in popularity of home baking to inspire parents and their children to get creative in the kitchen.

Created by Caroline Baxter and Kathi Ember, the book invites little ones to don their aprons not only to enjoy a compelling adventure, but to serve up their own batch of “bear buns” in the real-world.

Children can join in the fun as six adorable bear cubs enjoy their own bake-off in the cosy surroundings of Miss Betsy Bear’s school. In one busy week with their teacher, the bears all learn to bake lots of tasty treats – with a few mishaps along the way!

As their baking progresses, young children can discover who wins the ‘Best Baker’ award and try out some special recipe for little bakers at home.


Caroline Baxter explains:

“It’s easy to see from popular culture that baking has literally cooked up a storm in the eyes of the British public during the past few years. I really don’t think this book could have come at a better time!

“What we wanted to do was create a vivid and beautifully-illustrated story about baking, which also crosses over into the real world with a simple recipe that young children can then make with their parents. We’ve also focused on the sounds of the busy kitchen which, for this age group, can really bring a story to life.

“The book is suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and we hope it ignites a lifelong passion for baking. It’s the perfect time for a book like this to hit the market and its commercial appeal is boundless.”

Debut author, Baxter was really excited to collaborate with illustrator, Kathi Ember to turn her story into a classic-style picture book, through stunning illustrations.

“Kathi hails from Pennsylvania and, in the opinion of many, is one of children’s literature’s finest unsung heroes. She took my little bears and their story and brought it all to life in a way that will engross the attention and imagination of any child. It’s time to get into the kitchen – because a bold adventure is waiting!”

The Bear Cub Bakers is an entertaining, beautifully illustrated picture book that will be loved by children and adults alike. It will be published on Thursday 12th May and is available to pre-order now via Amazon or Waterstones.

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