New playing fields for Fairfield High School, Horfield

Fairfield High School, Bristol. ©Barbara Evripidou2016; m: 07879443963;

Opportunities for students at Fairfield High School to try out and excel at a wide variety of sports will increase following long-awaited agreement on permanent playing fields.

The school is delighted that Bristol City Council has agreed to enhancing the facilities at the Muller Road Recreation Ground for joint use.

FHS will hold games lessons and matches on the improved pitches during the day,  and the facilities, which will include new changing rooms, will continue to be available for hire in the evenings and at weekends.

Neighbouring primary schools will be offered the chance to use the site free of charge in a deal described as a “win-win” for the community.

Fairfield High School has waited more than a decade to secure permanent sports fields, which were promised as part of the move to the Allfoxton Road site in 2006. Students have had to use a variety of temporary pitches in the meantime.

Kieran Kelly, chair of governors at Fairfield, said:

“We very much welcome this opportunity to give our students the facilities they deserve. We know how important the Muller Road Recreation Ground is to people in the area and we will work closely with them to ensure the site continues to benefit everyone following the improvements. We look forward to work beginning very soon.”

Having permanent pitches will enable the school to increase outdoor games, host fixtures against other schools, and improve provision for football, athletics, rounders, cricket and cross country, as well as rugby for both girls and boys.

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