Tutor Doctor Bristol: Providing personal home tuition to children of all ages


If you have a child or teenager who is in need of some extra support with their learning, then this post about Tutor Doctor may be of interest. Tutor Doctor provides 1 to 1 personal home tuition in traditional school subjects to children of all ages in Bristol and beyond.

In the following interview, I find out more about Tutor Doctor and the help and support its tutors can provide children in Bristol.

How did Tutor Doctor start?

Tutor Doctor was founded in 1999 in Toronto, Canada by a gentleman called John Hui. Since then Tutor Doctor has grown into a global tutoring phenomenon present in over 15 countries with over 17,000 tutors having helped more than 200,000 students since its inception.

Lorenz Werndle opened Tutor Doctor in Bristol in Spring 2016. He saw the value that 1:1 tutoring could deliver to students and realised that a company that vets and provides high quality tutors, delivers great value to families.


What age range you offer tutoring?

We cover all ages and all subjects. At the heart of what we do is matching the best tutor to suit a student’s needs and to help them achieve their academic goals. We meet with a student and their family first to really understand what is needed and then match the best possible tutor to the student. So we don’t restrict ourselves to age or subject.

Most of our students are at primary or secondary school, however, we also cater for university students and adult education. Learning a new language is a particularly popular request for adult tutoring.

What kind of tutoring do you offer?

We offer 1 to 1, in home private tuition. In some instances, if it were more convenient for the family and/or student, tuition can take place in a convenient public location such as a library.


What subjects do you offer children and teenagers?

We cover all subjects. If it can be taught, we match a suitable tutor with the student.

We cover all the typical school subjects; e.g. maths, English, sciences and foreign languages. We also respond to University students struggling with elements of their course. Maths support is a common query for university students who may not be coping with the maths modules in their course.

As mentioned earlier, foreign language tuition is a popular request with our adult students.

Do you cater for children with special educational needs?

Yes, we do. Although I should point out that the primary academic solution for a student with special needs should be managed through their school and, if required, the medical services. We have tutors that are experienced in teaching special needs students and are able to support them on their academic journey.


Please tell me more about your tutors.

Our tutors are carefully selected. They are interviewed twice (including an in-person interview), reference checked, and, in the case of tutors teaching minors, DBS checked.

They range from qualified teachers to university graduates to mother tongue foreign language tutors. They all share a common passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge.

How are tutors matched to students?

Since we personally meet all our tutors as well as our students, we are well placed to make the perfect match. When we match a tutor with a student, we take a number of factors into account:

Experience:  is the tutor experienced and qualified at the level required for the student.
Personality/ temperament: to ensure student and tutor “click” and work well together.
Location: the logistics need to be practical for the tutor since they will travel to the student’s home for the tuition sessions.
Availability: An overlap of times when the tutor is available with when the student would like to be tutored.


When are your tutors available and where is the tuition held?

Given our matching process we are able to cater to any days and times that a student would like to be tutored. In most cases the tuition takes place in the convenience of the student’s home.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We’re different to a tutoring agency; we don’t simply introduce tutors to students. A student will enroll with Tutor Doctor for the duration of their tuition.

We remain involved throughout the tutoring programme ensuring a seamless delivery of tuition by a team that works together to achieve the student’s goals.

At Tutor Doctor we have systems in place to make sure we get the best out of the 1:1 tuition experience for each of our students.

If you would like to find out more about Tutor Doctor please visit http://www.tutordoctorbristol.co.uk/.