Bristol’s ‘Spare a Spud’ Campaign: Saturday 17th December


On Saturday 17th December from 3pm onwards the public are being asked to donate hot jacket potatoes on College Green which will be given to many homeless people in Bristol.

The ‘Spare a Spud’ campaign has been organised by John Langley, an independent political campaigner and media event co-ordinator who is concerned about the high level of homelessness and the poor housing situation in Bristol.

The hot jacket potatoes donated by the public on the day will be distributed volunteers to many of Bristol’s rough sleepers, sofa surfers, hostel users, plus children and families currently in temporary accommodation in Bristol.

Anyone can get involved and it is easy to do so.

Here is the recipe for taking part in the Spare a Spud campaign on Saturday:

  1. It’s lunchtime on Saturday 17th December and you pop a potato in the oven and bake it.
  2. Take it out of the oven, add a knob of butter or the topping of your choice.
  3. Wrap the cooked spud in foil to keep it warm.
  4. Bring it down to College Green which is at the bottom of Park Street, BS1 5UY from 3pm where the Homes For All organisers will be waiting for you with open arms to collect it from you and pass it on to one of the many homeless people in Bristol who have been invited along to what may be their only hot meal of the day.
  5. Stick around if you would like to volunteer some of your time to help out.
  6. Please share the Spare a Spud campaign with your family and friends.