A Family Day Out With A Difference: Stanton Drew Stone Circles, Somerset


If you fancy venturing a little outside Bristol for a family day trip with a difference then I would recommend Stanton Drew Stone Circles.

Stanton Drew Stone Circles are situated in Somerset (BS39 4EW) and are neolithic monuments which include three stone circles and a three-stone cove.

The largest of the stone circles is The Great Circle which has 26 upright stones and which is one of the largest stone circles in Britain (the biggest is Avebury – please see this post for details of this brilliant day out).

The stone circles can be located just outside the village of Stanton Drew which has a small free parking area next to it and an Honesty Box with a request for a £1 per person from the landowner.

My husband and I were planning a day out and we decided on a visit to Stanton Drew as our son has been learning about the stone age in school recently; a topic which has included stone circles which he is fascinated by.

We happened to visit the Stanton Drew Stone Circles on the morning of the Winter Solstice and although we arrived late morning (the solstice was at 10am), there were still Druids there doing a ceremony in one of the stone circles which was interesting to watch.


What is great about Stanton Drew Stone Circles is that you can wander around the field, freely exploring and touching the stones.

The stone circles are surrounded by beautiful green countryside and it is very peaceful there – it felt good to be out in the fresh air away from the city for a while.

My children loved exploring the stone circles and my son was pleased to be able to pint out which of the stones were the ‘blue stones’ – a feature of stone circles he has been learning about.

Once you have explored the stone circles you may like to go for a walk around the village of Stanton Drew; this is a pretty little village which also includes an old church which you can pop in and see.

I should mention that a walk around the Stanton Drew Stone Circles is not suitable for buggies – the ground is uneven in places and can also be very muddy (with a few pats to avoid as well) – wellies are required!

However, Stanton Drew Stone Circles are definitely worth a visit – it’s a great day out with a difference as well as a brilliant learning opportunity for children!

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