Sing & Sign ‘Babes’ classes: profits to go to charity supporting children & adults affected by war in Syria


Like lots of people, Verity Jowett wanted to stop watching the news about Syria and do something about the situation.

However, less than a year into running her Sing and Sign classes and with twin toddlers to care for, the Bristol mum’s resources were limited.

Verity explains: “Since having my twins I’ve felt more passionate about what’s happening in the world than I have since my teens.

“At the same time, it took me a long time to feel like I was on top of things with two babies and then I went and took on my own business. Everything else has been a ‘when they’re a bit older / when things are more settled’.

So, Verity decided to donate all profits from her ‘Babes’ Sing and Sign classes towards Doctors without Borders, a charity which delivers emergency medical aid to the children and adults affected by the war in Syria:

“It was a video of a teacher from Aleppo saying goodbye to the world that made me think I really didn’t want to put it off any longer and I thought really hard about what I could do.

“I ran a charity class for Baby Bank last year and it was a great way of doing something for a charity I felt strongly about without adding another commitment. I decided to do something similar but on a larger scale.”

Doctors without Borders provides essential healthcare, rehabilitates and runs hospitals and clinics, performs surgery, carries on vaccinations campaigns, offers psychological support, operates feeding centres for malnourished children and much more.



Verity explains why she chose Doctors without Borders in particular:

“I chose Doctors Without Borders because their support reaches such a wide range of people. From supporting field hospitals as close to siege areas as possible, to working with refugee camps in neighbouring countries (and those trapped between borders) and their work with refugees crossing the Mediterranean, I knew the money would go where it was most needed.”

Verity’s ‘Babes’ Sing and Sign classes are especially for babies aged between 2-6 months and help babies to communicate through baby signing.


Through baby signing babies recognise important words sooner, such as ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘tired’ and ‘change nappy’ and can use these signs to ‘talk’ before speech.

Babes classes run across Bristol with the new term starting in the week commencing 23rd January.

Classes are easy and fun!


Classes run across Bristol at the following venues:

  • Mondays at Jump! Cribbs Causeway (11.15)
  • Mondays at Horfield Methodist Church (11.45)
  • Tuesday at Redland Park Church (11.45)
  • Wednesday at Westbury Baptist Church (11.45)
  • Friday at Iplay, Knowle (12 noon)

Classes cost £30.00 for 6 weeks. To book a place or for more information please contact Verity: 07584 428 611 /