What to do when your baby is poorly: free advice sessions for parents of babies & young children

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I am really pleased to tell you about some upcoming free advice sessions in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire on what to do when your baby is poorly.

The advice sessions are being piloted by Bristol Health Partners and run through the Respiratory Infections Health Integration Team and are for all parents of babies and young children aged under 2.

The sessions will be run by experienced healthcare professionals who will give parents of very young children advice on what to do when their child has a fever, tummy bug or a cough and cold.

Parents and carers will learn why this age group is often unwell and the healthcare professionals healthcare professionals will offer self-help measures to reduce discomfort, what to do when your baby is choking and what to look for, when to worry and when and who to call for support.

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Parents can bring their babies with them to the advice sessions and they can also bring their friends with children along too.

Parents who come along to the sessions will be asked to fill in a confidential confidential questionnaire. Those who complete the questionnaires will receive a £5 Thank You shopping voucher to spend on their local high street.

Details of sessions:

  • Badocks Wood Children’s Centre (Southmead, Bristol) on Friday 27 January – sign up
  • Venue TBC (Winterbourne, South Glos) on Friday 10 February – sign up
  • Compass Point Children’s Centre (Southville, Bristol) on Thursday 16 February – sign up
  • Ashcombe Children’s Centre (Weston, North Somerset) on Friday 17 February – sign up
  • Long Ashton Children’s Centre (Long Ashton, North Somerset) on Thursday 23 February – sign up

For more information about the free advice sessions, please email oliver.watson@bristol.ac.uk.