Introducing New Children’s Book, A Parcel of Pigs & Other Funny ‘Tails’ by Andrea Prior

I am really pleased to introduce this brilliant new children’s book: A Parcel of Pigs & Other Funny ‘Tails’ by Andréa Prior.

Aimed at children aged 5 – 8 years of age, this book is a collection of quirky and appealing rhyming poems and includes colourful illustrations by the author.

The rhymes are great to read aloud as well as being a fun and engaging way to help children with their reading skills.

You and your child will be able to learn new rhymes and enjoy getting thoroughly tongue-tied!

For example, how many times can you say ‘QUACK, CLACK, QUACKS’ and ‘WADDLE, PADDLE, WADDLES’ without getting tongue-tied?!


Intertwined with humour, the rhymes provide an interactive and memorable reading experience between parent and child.

Andréa Prior explains:

“My rhymes are written for those parents and children that love reading together. The poems are a perfect way to help children develop their spelling, pronunciation skills and memory recall, whilst at the same time having fun with language by using word patterns and wordplay to help expand their vocabulary.”

A Parcel of Pigs also includes a selection of engaging questions at the end of each rhyme, so that children can test their memory of what they have seen in the illustration, listened to, or read.

Each poem has a different character that children can easily engage with – they will meet the scariest mother they have ever seen, they will find out why Barnaby was so very bothered, how the red-skinned onion is so very tasty, how Humphrey the Hippo got so very lost, and how the naughty mouse outwitted the smart ginger cat.

You can join in too with a selection of engaging questions to each poem to involve your child even more!



Andréa Prior is an artist and writer who gained her degree in illustration from Leeds University.

She spent her formative career years working as an illustrator and Artists Agent in children’s publishing, before pursuing a rewarding career as managing director of a London branding consultancy.

Andréa is also an accomplished classical pianist.

Beautifully illustrated, A Parcel of Pigs will appeal to parents and children who love reading together and enjoy a shared reading experience. This book is original, appealing and a fun and engaging way to help children learn!

A Parcel of Pigs & Other Funny ‘Tails’ is available to buy here:

You can find out more about Andréa Prior by following her Facebook page.