Retraining as a Teacher: A Fairfield High School Teacher’s Perspective

If you have ever considered retraining as a teacher you may well be interested to hear that Fairfield High School is currently offering members of the local community the chance to do a one-year PGCE at the school from September 2017.

The opportunity is being organised through the Excalibur Teaching School Alliance in collaboration with Bristol University and Bath Spa University.

Today’s post is one with a difference: a teacher at Fairfield High School explains the reasons why they decided to retrain as a teacher and how they did this.

Before teacher training had you always wanted to be a teacher?

No, but I always wanted to work with young people to build self-esteem.

What factors made you decide to train to be a teacher?

I kept getting told that I would make a good teacher and kept resisting. I met a lot of teachers and youth workers in my job and read a lot of research around Health and Education; I was very engaged by Education in particular. It felt as if the natural curiosity I had could only be sated if I actually became a teacher.

What route did you take in your teacher training?


What are the best bits about being a teacher?

Students’ coming out of their shells and really flying in their subjects. Meeting them years later and them showing you a chair they have made, or a thesis they have written, or a person they have helped through volunteering. There are too many of these moments to count.

And the worst bits?

It’s a busy job and it can sometimes feel as though nothing is ever finished to one’s satisfaction.

How well does teaching fit around family life?

Holidays are fantastic.

Do you have any advice for Bishopston Mum readers who are considering applying to do a PCGE in teaching?

Watch as many different practitioners as you can and talk to as many students as you can.

Why would you recommend doing a PGCE at Fairfield High School in particular?

Fairfield is a truly unique school with a deeply-embedded ethos which is genuinely inclusive. I value our sense of Equality and Diversity, and the brilliant team of staff (and students) who make our school such a welcoming place. It is a tangible feeling. Visit us and you will know exactly what I mean.


If you would like more about the teacher training opportunity please email or phone 01672 519 555.

You can also find out more information by visiting