Children’s Memory Scrapbooks: a great way to store creations & keepsakes

One thing I have been steadily doing since my children were little is creating Children’s Memory Scrapbooks for them both. These are quick and easy to do and are a great way of storing children’s creations and keepsakes.

Items such as art work, special birthday party invitations, postcards and cards your child has been sent, tickets to football matches, pictures about things they have learned about, welcome letters from preschools and primary schools and much more can all be added to Memory Scrapbooks.

A great advantage of keeping Children’s Memory Scrapbooks is that storing these items in scrapbooks helps relieve the kid clutter that so easily builds up in your home!

As you will know your child’s art work and creations soon build up so keeping such items contained in Memory scrapbooks helps solve this problem.

Your kids will also enjoy looking through their Children’s Memory Scrapbooks both while they are little and when they are grown-ups themselves!

How to create a Children’s Memory scrap Book:

1. Keep it simple. Memory Scrapbooks do not need to be beautifully presented or elaborately decorated – the pictures and memories inside are enough so don’t make extra work for yourself.

I simply stick in each item with some glue or cellotape and use biro or felt tip to briefly write the date, child and possibly a short explanation (if I have time).

2. Obviously you can’t keep everything your child has created or been given, just pick a few special things.

I have to say a lot of creations and pictures in our house get thrown out as there are simply too many to keep, but I always keep special items such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and Easter cards my children have made me at school, letters from the Tooth Fairy and certificates they have received.

3. On the front of the scrapbook write your child’s name/s and the season the particular scrapbook begins, such as Thomas and Katie, Summer 2017 – …

Then, when the scrapbook is full up you can just add the season it finishes to this information, e.g. Thomas and Katie, Summer 2017 – Spring 2018.

I guarantee both you and your children will have a lot of fun looking through your Children’s Memory Scrapbooks in years to come!