All You Need To Know About Antenatal Classes: A Bump To Cradle Blog Post

Today’s post is written by Dr Miriam Walsh and contains all you need to know about antenatal classes.

Miriam is the founder of Bump to Cradle, new antenatal classes in Bristol which are led by a team of local experts offering mums-to-be and their partners invaluable advice and support over 6 evening sessions.

Classes are detailed and offer information about all the options available to women in a non-judgemental way regarding birth, pain relief, breast-feeding/bottle feeding and more.

If you are expecting a baby I am sure you will find this post useful…

As a new parent to be, you’ve probably heard the words “antenatal classes” and might be wondering just exactly what they are, how the ones available to you differ and perhaps whether they are worth it.

With information widely available online, what do antenatal classes have to offer that can’t be sought out through a click of your mouse? Well, read on for our guide.

What are Antenatal classes?

An antenatal class, in simple terms, is a class designed to prepare new parents during their pregnancy for birth and life with their newborn.

What can I expect from Antenatal classes?

Antenatal classes offer a variety of information. This usually ranges from the changes a woman can expect to her body during pregnancy, how to prepare for birth, the typical norms of a newborn and feeding guidance.

Courses such as Bump to Cradle will also cover what will happen if medical intervention is needed during labour, which is something women and their partners should be prepared for. Soothing your baby and establishing a routine are also covered in our classes.

The information provided at Bump to Cradle antenatal classes comes from experts in the field of pregnancy, birth and early childhood, so you can rest assured it is good, sound advice. You will also get the opportunity to meet other new parents to be and share your experiences with them.

How do I choose an Antenatal class?

This is personal preference and depends on what you want from a class. A good idea is to find one local to you, with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Many classes encourage partners to attend, so this is something you might want to look for. Think about whether getting information straight from experts is important to you, if so, Bump to Cradle classes might be perfect for you.

What are the main benefits of attending Antenatal classes?

There are many benefits of antenatal classes. Having non-judgemental knowledge and advice provided by professionals is important to many parents to be. Making friends with other women and men in your situation can help you feel more comfortable with your pregnancy and new parenthood, as well as provide emotional support.

So, are Antenatal classes worth attending?

If you want more information on your pregnancy, birth and new baby whilst making friends at the same time, absolutely!

To book Antenatal classes, contact us at Bump to Cradle, or go to for more information.