Keeping Organised with The Essential Hut Chalk Marker & Calendar Combo

If you are a long-term reader of Bristol Mum you will know that I like to keep organised (though this does not always come naturally).

This week I was sent an Ehut Chalk Marker & Calendar Combo, a high-quality weekly self-adhesive wall calendar and a pack of 9 brightly coloured markers.

The Chalk Marker and Calendar combo was inspired by Sharon Harris who lives in Emersons Green with her husband and two children, a boy of 12 and a girl of 10 and who is founder of The Essential Hut.

After searching the internet looking for both a calendar and pens to help keep herself organised, Sharon realised that there was not yet both products available together and that she had to do double the searching to find both.

She decided to save other people time and money by putting both products together, designing sleek packaging for the combo.

The calendar would fit nicely on a fridge or another smooth surface – my calendar fits perfectly on one wall in our kitchen.

The calendar is smart, simple and easy to use: the days of the week are clearly marked out from Sunday to Monday.

But what is especially good about this calendar and what makes it different from other family calendars is that there are separate sections and spaces for each member of your family.

This means you can keep track of everyone’s week at a glance, and vice-versa – perfect to co-ordinate busy families who all do a range of activities throughout the week.

The calendar is easy to write on and I was able to use the wide range of different colours for different members of my family, plus different colours for our activities.

For example, I used red for rugby and orange for reminding me of the days of the week I need to make packed lunch for one of my kids and different colours for activities such as football, rugby and piano.

It’s also easy to quickly rub off anything you have written on the calendar, just use a damp cloth. If something has been written down on the calendar for more than a month then you might need to use a little washing up liquid when rubbing off with the cloth to get the calendar looking like new.

The Chalk Marker and Calendar combo is lovely quality and is smart, simple and easy to use. It will certainly help busy parents and families to keep organised and on top of each other’s weekly activities at a glance.

The fact that both products can be purchased together saves time right from the get-go, plus money also – always a bonus!

The Essential Hut’s Chalk Marker & Calendar Combo is available to buy on Amazon:

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post however as always, my views are my own.