Memory Boxes: a special place for keepsakes & treasures

In a corner of my bedroom sits a box rarely opened.

Should you look inside, at first glance it might appear that it contains a jumble of clutter, a mish-mash of junk.

But on closer inspection you will discover that this box contains a collection of treasures, of value which is limitless.

For this box is my Memory Box and it houses my most precious possessions.

Very much like my Children’s Memory Scrapbooks which I have written of before, this box contains keepsakes and treasures of which I will gatekeep for the rest of my days.

It contains treasures from my children such as letters, cards and creations such as a clay ammonite made for me by one child and a special letter from the other.

But it also contains first teeth left under pillows as offerings for the tooth fairy, baby clothes and first pairs of shoes long since worn.

My memory box does not simply contain treasures from my children. Inside I have kept special birthday cards from my parents, letters from relatives and other family treasures.

A memory box is a wonderful way to keep all your most treasured items together in one safe and special place.

It does not need to be pretty; it is what is on the inside that counts.