Sleep Solutions from Liz Heckford, Bristol’s Independent Health Visitor

Are you a parent of a baby or toddler and currently struggling to get a good night’s sleep?

Introducing Liz Heckford, Bristol’s Independent Health Visitor, who can help by offering useful sleep solutions to help you and your little one get a good night’s sleep.

Liz is a highly-qualified health visitor who offers independent confidential, non-judgemental and professional health visiting services to families all over Bristol.

An alternative to the service offered by the NHS, Liz’s health visiting services are led entirely by you and at a time convenient to you, whether weekends, evenings or at night. 

I’ll let Liz take over from here and explain how she can help…

Are you feeling overwhelmingly tired? Do you think more sleep for you and your baby or child might be good? Are you having toddler bedtime battles? Does your baby wake too frequently? Is napping a struggle?

Then I can help….

I can provide Sleep Solutions for all families. Listening to your needs and providing a bespoke solution to enable you and your family to achieve all the sleep you would like, where you would like.

When planning these Sleep Solutions with you I may talk about these topics:

⦁ Safe Co-Sleeping
⦁ Gradual Retreat
⦁ Inappropriate Sleep Associations
⦁ Controlled Crying
⦁ Night Waking
⦁ Sleep Disturbances
⦁ What is a “normal” amount of sleep for each age and developmental stage
⦁ Understanding Sleep Cycles
⦁ Early Rising
⦁ Late Settling
⦁ Night Feeding
⦁ Bedtime Rules and Routines

Depending on the situation I may ask you to fill in a Sleep Diary -this is not a test but a way of me being able to see what is going on for you and your family. After analysis of this and discussion we can jointly make a Sleep Solution, there is not one Sleep Solution that fits all families.

After an Initial Consultation I can also provide Daily Support by email/text or phone.

Please take a look at my website or contact me by email – or by phone – 07811 403580. If we work together today your baby/toddler could be sleeping how and where you would like them to be by Christmas!

Merry Christmas!