New OvDa Creative Toddler & Parent Combo Dance Classes in Windmill Hill

If you are looking for a creative and stimulating fitness/dance activity for both you and your toddler, you might like to hear about the new OvDa Creative Toddler & Parent Combo Dance Classes in Windmill Hill and soon to come, North Bristol.

Recently launched by professional dancer and local mum, Svetlana Ovsyannikova from Ovda Dance Company, the classes are aimed at children aged 2.5 – 4.5 and their mums, dads or carers and are held at Windmill Hill Community Centre on Fridays at 10am.

The great thing about OvDa Creative Toddler & Parent Combo Dance Classes is that they are inclusive and open to all levels of fitness with absolutely no dance experience needed.

The classes give you an opportunity to connect with your toddler while you move about, explore and experiment while learning through play most important elements of dance and dance basics!

The class is 45 minutes and starts and finishes in a circle with a song about your body and music. The rest of the class involves toddlers and parents using their bodies and moving through space – so expect a little work out!

Every class is different and focuses on a few dance elements and beginner techniques.

During the term, dance partners (parents and children) learn a lot but very gradually. They learn through discovering each element of dance and playing with it. Some of such elements are: tempo, levels, flow, bound movement, focus, steps, stillness, body parts and many more. The focus is on discovering the movement and letting children and adults work together on it.

Svetlana teaches very gently which helps you relax and trust her with what she is introducing to you. She believes that this classes improve co-ordination and concentration, increase confidence and both develop and enhance musicality. Using your whole body while concentrating on basic dance elements and music allows children and adults to develop auditory memory, communication, expression, and creativity.

One mum explains: “I was as nervous as the next introvert-mum-who’s-never-danced-in-front-of-anyone. But I had a hunch LW would enjoy it. So I took a deep breath, and joined the class.

“LW mostly watched (and ran in circles round the room screeching) for the first few classes, and I worried I’d made a mistake. But Svetlana was so patient and encouraging, and LW told me after each class that he was having fun and looking forward to the next one.”

Parent and toddlers learn basic ballet positions and some directions points as well. They also learn some of the useful and fun body and feet positions which are used in different dance techniques and there’s lots of stretching too.

Svetlana introduces all elements of dance and guides children to get familiar with their creative movement, where they will be comfortable to recognise any teachers cues and be more comfortable to explore and feel the movement in-depth rather them simply coping it. The main goal is to build children’s confidence in their movement, a quick positive response to teachers’ cues and physicality of the dance.

This is a toddler and parent class with a difference and the music is a bit different, too, with the main musical instrument used in classes being a big shamanic drum. Some instrumental inspiring and simply beautiful stimulation music is also included.

If your children are younger than 2.5 years, Svetlana also offers Dance Mums classes: fun and fitness classes for babies and toddlers and their parents/carers in Bedminster and St Werburghs.

To find out more about OvDa Creative Toddler & Parent Combo Dance Classes please visit