A Lantern Parade of Elephants, Parrots, Foxes & More: Saturday 24th February

At dusk on Saturday 24th February St George will be brightened up by a beautiful lantern parade… of elephants, parrots, jelly fish, foxes and other creatures!

Part of the St George Arts Trail, “A Memory of Elephants & Other Collective Nouns” lantern parade will be enjoyed by all members of the family!

The free event will begin on Church Road on 6.30pm with the best viewing place between the stillage and the Library from 6.30pm.

The lantern parade will then make its way to the wonderful St George Park where there will be hot drinks and delicious snacks to buy.

The lantern parade will be particularly spectacular at the darkest point of the park when the parade enters the park at the library end and travels through the avenue of plane trees to the bandstand area!

The lantern parade will definitely be a sight to see!