Fairfield High School Receives Record Number Of Applications For School Places

This year Fairfield High School in Horfield received 537 applications for its 216 available places; this figure is up 17% on last year and means it is 150% oversubscribed. This figure speaks volumes for the value that the community has in the school.

Even more positive is the increased number of first choice applications; this has risen from 169 last year to 215, meaning that 99.9% of applications have selected FHS as their first choice school… a staggering 30% increase. Discounting siblings, only 9 places were offered to students outside the school’s catchment area.

Fairfield is a mixed-gender academy for 11-16 year olds situated on Allfoxton Road, Horfield, Bristol. It serves a diverse inner-city community and has been rated by Ofsted as ‘Good with Outstanding features’.

Nick Lewis, Principal (Acting) of FHS comments:

“It’s been a long standing aim of Fairfield to be the school of first choice, and we are delighted to say that, for September this year, we have achieved this. The trust our community has in us has never been stronger, and I would like to thank Team Fairfield for its collective hard work and efforts.”

To find out more about Fairfield High School please visit http://www.fairfield.bristol.sch.uk.