A list of items needed by vulnerable & in-need refugees in Bristol – Can You Help?

Several years ago, shocked by the desperation and horror of the continuing refugee crisis, a small group of ordinary people living in Bristol decided to do something to help.

They set up Aid Box Community, a humanitarian organisation which provides support, sanctuary and supplies to refugees and asylum seekers.

Aid Box Community have an ABC Free Shop in Redland, a place where vulnerable and in-need asylum seekers and refugees can come to get clothes, shoes, household items, food and other essentials to help them settle in bristol.

Aid Box Community currently have a Wish List of items desperately needed at the ABC Free Shop.

They explain: “We get an incredible amount of top quality donations from all of our fabulous supporters but there are some items that we can never seem to get enough of (or at all)! Some requests might seem a bit random or extravagant but support a previous hobby or profession in their home countries.”

The list below is of all the items currently outstanding on the ABC waiting list. Some of these items have been on there for months.

Please have a look and if you have any of these items, not being used, but in good working order, please consider donating them. All donations really do make a difference.

The ABC Wish List of items:

Top requests are…
Sewing machines!

Other items often asked for or outstanding…
Stereo system/Digital radio/CD players
DVD players
Hot water bottles
Steam mop
Sari/salwar kameez
Fit watch
Coffee grinders
Food processors/Blenders
Electric keyboard
large saucepans and large cooking pots
Sugar, salt, rice , tea and coffee

The ABC Free Shop is located at 5-7 Waverley Road, BS6 6ES and is open Tuesday – Thursday, 11am – 3pm.

To find out more about Aid Box Community and other ways you can help please visit https://www.aidboxcommunity.co.uk/