Mummy Cycle: new support group for Bristol mums with debilitating reproductive-related mood disorders

I am really pleased to tell you about Mummy Cycle, a new local support group for mums with debilitating reproductive related mood disorders such as PMDD, PME, PCOS and endometriosis.

Mummy Cycle aims to offer a solution to the isolation that mums with PMDD can feel so that they no longer feel alone and also helps them deal with the debilitating symptoms of reproductive related mood disorders.

The group holds regular Mummy Meet-ups across Bristol which provide a safe and friendly environment for mums to meet and support others who are going through similar experiences.

The group is the first of its kind to support mothers and has been set up by local mum, Hannah Gilbert. Hannah herself suffers from Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

Hannah set up Mummy Cycle after being misdiagnosed with having Postnatal depression and feeling that she wasn’t being listened to. After her diagnosis of PMDD she discovered that there wasn’t much support available for mums, despite the symptoms of PMDD being so severe.

Hannah describes what life is like with PMDD:

“What happens to myself and other women is our body reacts in such a way that involuntarily causes, lethargy and fatigue, brain fog, mild to severe depression, hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness, apathy, inability to concentrate even on simple tasks, paranoia, anxiety, sadness, crying spells, anger and rage, violent behaviour, depersonalization, bi-polar and even manic like episodes, suicidal thoughts and behaviour.

“It can also come with an array of physical ailments such as are severe bloating, extreme cramping, severe bleeding, migraines, tension headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, body aches, severe tightening of muscles, complete appetite loss to beyond binge eating and craving of sugar and carbs, insomnia or sleeping too much (up to 16 hours) and physical exhaustion after it’s over.

“Bouncing back can be very trying and by the time you feel better it’s almost time to repeat this entire cycle all over again, so this illness wears you down and knows how to win and take everything from your life. This can be the worst if you are a mother to a child that needs you to care and function for them.”

There are two Mummy Cycle Meet-Ups coming up in Bristol and all mums with debilitating reproductive related mood disorders are welcome along with their children.

Details are below…

Mummy Cycle Meet-Up
11th August, 1am-1pm at Blaise Castle

At this event mums will explore relaxation techniques as mums, mindfulness, pampering and talks from mums with PMDD.

Mums will make stress balls, mindfulness fortune tellers and some face scrub for pampering, there will also be discussions on PMDD and learning more about it.

Mummy Cycle Meet-Up
25th August, 10am-1pm at Victoria Park, Bedminster

At this event there will be a special speaker who is coming to talk about Positive Behaviour Strategies, looking at what can cause our frustrations, how to recognise when we are getting angry and what we can do to help the mums present. There will also be relaxation, mindfulness, yoga and talks from mums.

You can find out about more upcoming Mummy Cycle’s Mummy Meet-ups via the group’s facebook page.

Please share this article with any of your mum friends out there who may need support.