30 Woolly Seagulls to discover around Bristol Dockside this month!

Did you know that a flock of woolly seagulls is currently nesting around Bristol Dockside?

Yes, that’s right, there are 30 beautifully knitted seagulls for you and your kids to find, and they even have names!

A free activity to enjoy, there are 8 seagulls in Underfall Yard, 17 in M Shed and 3 at SS Great Britain. Others can be seen at Little Victories Tea Shop and Assembly Bakery in Cargo.

The woolly seagulls have been created to raise awareness of the decline of seagulls and will be nesting in Bristol until the end of this month.

They have been designed by Vicky Harrison of Briswool and The Bristol Crocodile fame and have been made by a team of volunteers.