Fairfield High School Teacher shortlisted for Bristol Post Education Awards

Fairfield High School (FHS) is very proud of Mr Hickey, a Science Teacher, who was recently shortlisted for Bristol Post Education Award’s Teacher of the Year (Secondary).

The school nominated Mr Hickey (pictured above with his wife at the awards ceremony) because of his passion and excitement for the subject of Science, which he then communicates, bringing the subject alive for his students with huge success.

His innovative teaching of the periodic table, for example, has resulted in students receiving over 1,000 views on You Tube and Royal Society of Chemistry recognition (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWegWk87HdI).

Mr Hickey has also encouraged a Year 7 student to memorise and even SING the periodic table, which is quite something, especially within just months of the student joining the school.

Other ways Mr Hickey has managed to bring teaching and learning to life (and making it thoroughly fun and enjoyable) include a homework task to create the digestive system – one student impressively produced it onto an apron, using walki talkis to show the difference between the speed of sound and the speed of light, and drawing atomic models in chalk on the playground.

Perhaps it is Mr Hickey’s mere demeanour which make him, as a teacher, so special. He has an ability to speak to any class of students with passion, engagement and positivity – without the need to raise his voice. He brings the best out of the young people at FHS, and the impact he has – which may well impact future careers – is something very special.

Even though Mr Hickey wasn’t chosen to pick up the trophy, he explained:

“To be shortlisted for this award was an amazing experience. Although I didn’t win, I was still really touched by your nomination and felt proud to represent Fairfield High School last night. It is great to have the recognition for what I, and I am in no doubt, many more teachers inside these walls do, we do our best. Being recognised for ‘just’ being a teacher is not done enough, so again, thank you so much.”

For more information about Fairfield High School please visit http://www.fairfield.bristol.sch.uk/.